A Cabinet Maker’s Quality

Cabinetry may not make up all of what we do, but Marty is actually a licensed cabinet maker by trade. With about 40 years of experience, you can bet that we know our way around the kitchen. We frequently work on high end cabinetry projects, from custom kitchen cabinetry  to islands and vanities. We use high grade plywood, make our own doors from scratch and use the best hardware on the market. You are paying for top of the line cabinetry and that is what we strive to give you.

If budget is a large concern, and for most of us it usually is, you can get cabinetry from a box store or large cabinet companies. You will need to use what they have available, deal with crumbling particle board, laminated paper and plastic doors, and use filler strips to cover gaps, but this is a feasible option when money is tight.

Cabinetry Customized

If you want kitchen cabinetry that can be customized in any way you’d like, last for 50 years, and be finished in any colour you want, that is where we step up. Innovative storage and hardware combine with quality craftsmanship to give you the best finished cabinetry product on the market. We strive to stay on top of the latest technologies and styles so whether you’re looking for traditional cabinetry or ultra-modern European inspired cabinetry, we can provide a solution to suit your tastes and budget.

As with all of our work, estimates are always free and we can priced based off of pictures, plans, or drawings. Estimates can be provided in person or via e-mail depending on which is more convenient for you.

Raso Kitchen Cabinetry

Fully Custom Kitchen Cabinetry by Campbell’s Woodcraft


Custom Bathroom Cabinetry

Custom Antique White Bathroom Cabinetry

Custom Cherry Bathroom Vanity

Custom Cherry Bathroom Vanity

Custom Wall Unit

Custom Wall Unit