Custom Woodwork

Custom Woodwork - Fireplace Mantle

Custom Woodwork – Fireplace Mantle

The “Other” Woodwork We Do

We do all kinds of projects and the ones that are the most fun are the ones we don’t get to do often. Every now and then we will be contacted to do some custom woodwork such as building furniture, accessories, or strange custom items. Those are the projects we get to be creative on, and we love that. That being said, as a small company with a high level of expertise, small projects tend to be relatively expensive compared to our larger projects. For example, a piece like a dining room table will cost $3000-$5000 and a custom butcher block table like the one below starts around $1800. Fireplace mantles like the one above are typically $800-$1500. These aren’t big box store prices, but nobody ever passed Ikea furniture down to their grandchildren.

We have done tables, benches, hope chests, urns, cutting boards, knife blocks, and countless other little one off jobs. These pieces usually mean more to the client and those are the projects we can really be proud of. If you have something in mind and would like to see it realized with fine woodworking skill, look no further.

We are also developing our own line of products to be sold at select stores locally in the Ottawa area as well as through the online shop we will be opening soon. Check us out on social media be kept in the loop. Our social media pages are also a great way to see the type of work we do and the level of quality you can expect from us.

Custom Woodwork - Butcher Block Table

A Custom Maple End Grain Butcher Block Island

Cusotm Woodwork - Sideboard Table

Cusotm Woodwork – Sideboard Table


Custom Woodwork - Curved Maple Bench

Custom Curved Maple Bench with Storage