Stair Recap in Ottawa – Wasslen Residence

Stair Recap in Ottawa – Wasslen Residence

Stair Recap in Ottawa – Wasslen Residence

The Finishing Touches Make a Stair Recap

Stair recaps have gained popularity in Ottawa because they offer the look of a new hardwood stair without the need for the framing and drywall work. The stairs and also completely usable during the process. For this home, we matched the treads to the flooring, but since there was a lack of light in the front entry, we used white stringers and risers to keep things bright and light. We started by removing the old, and very unique, existing railing. We’ve been working in the stair industry for a very long time and none of us have ever seen a post quite like that one. We bent a new handrail and chose to use a traditional volute at the bottom to keep in theme with the house.

Stair Recap - Before and After (Wasslen)

Stair Recap – Before and After (Wasslen)

For the spindles, we chose a modern round elongated cage design and choose to space out the pattern by placing plain spindles between the ornamented spindles. To keep things clean, we opted not to use bottom shoes on the spindles. In the end, you would never know that this wasn’t a hardwood stair all along. That’s because we use all of the same materials as we would if we were building a hardwood stair. We don’t use plywood tread caps from Home Depot. We use real honest to goodness hardwood treads. We don’t use bulky trim to cover stair parts. We remove those stair parts so we can use the same trim we use on our newly made stairs. These details are the key to the stellar results we achieve.

Stair Recap - Wasslen Residence

Stair Recap – Wasslen Residence

We also did some trim work in the house and installed some slick flush mount floor vents. If you want one picture that summarizes the work we do, have a look at how clean the stair, trim, and floor looks in the picture below. The flush mount floor vent was stained with the same stain we custom mixed to match the floor and is becoming an incredibly popular upgrade to give the floor a truly finished look.

Wasslen 2

Trim Meets Stair Seamlessly


Wasslen 4

Flush Mount Floor Vent