Our Family’s Story

In 2005, Marty and his eldest son Jake were both working for one of Ottawa’s top stair companies. While not unhappy with his position supervising the railing division, Jake felt he was capable of more and approached Marty with the idea of leaving the company to start their own, family based, business. The move would allow them both to branch out from the stair industry, which appealed to Marty because he was a cabinet maker by trade and life long woodworker.

A change like this is always a risk, but the upsides were too good to pass up, so in 2006 Marty and Jake bought a home just outside of Merrickville and turned an empty shell of a building on the property into a workshop. Campbell’s Woodcraft was born. The first 2 years were rough, with Marty and Jake butting heads a lot while working side by side and learning the ropes, but often times, that’s what family does.

Marty’s youngest son, Jay, would be the key to turning things around.  By signing on to work with Marty on site, Jay created some breathing room between the founders and allowed Jake to devote more time to running the business. New contacts led to new opportunities, a new website led to a more diverse clientele, and less butting heads led to a happier family. With that plan, years of hard work and dedication to the craft and our clients, and a decade of experience under our belts, we find ourselves very comfortably in the bed we made (we also literally made a few beds).

Campbell's Woodcraft - Stairs, Recaps, Railings, Cabinetry, Furniture, and Custom Woodwork

Our Philosophy

Making a living means more to us than earning a paycheck. We are proud of our work and able to sleep at night knowing that we do right by our clients because we firmly believe in the guidelines below

  • Respect the client and their home
  • Communicate openly and honestly
  • When mistakes happen, make it right
  • Stand by the work, always

The Little Things

There are a few simple things we always do that reflect what being a professional means to us. Not all trades share these ideals, but that's what sets us apart.

  • Show up on time or call ahead with an e.t.a.
  • Cover floors and furniture near the work area
  • Clean up inside and out after the work is completed
  • Stick to the price quoted (unless discussed in advance)

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